Invest With Us

  • Have you always wanted to invest in real estate but you don’t have the time to do it?
  • Have you been thinking about real estate investing but are concerned about taking on too much risk?

The Westside Investment Group takes the guessing game out of real estate investing.

For more than 20 years the principals at the Westside Investments Group have been investing in real estate.

All these years, they have been generating consistent returns for their investors without missing a beat.

Please note that all of our funds are 506(c) offerings and are only available to accredited investors. To apply, please fill out our investor questionnaire for the opportunity to view our offerings.

There are two ways to invest with us:

How does your investment in the Westside Investments Group work?

Participation in our funds are completely passive from an investor’s perspective. The principals of the fund and the operations team manage the funds leveraging our proven processes, systems, strategic partners, and vendors. Investors receive completely passive income deposited directly to their bank account through Automatic Clearing House (ACH).


Highlights of all of the Westside Investments Group Funds

  • Leverage the years of experience of our team and participate in large multifamily deals
  • Work with a trusted partner that has over a decade in the industry

About our company

  • Our principals have purchased, owned, and operated real estate for many years, so they know what it takes to be successful
  • As of 2021, the principals have acquired and operate over $200 million in real estate assets
  • Our firm specializes in using technology to optimize the acquisition, operation, and disposition of real estate assets

506(c) offerings

Our funds are 506(c) offerings and is only available for individuals and entities verified as accredited investors. Non-accredited investors are not allowed to participate. Any offer is done only through our private placement memorandum, determination of suitability, independent verification, and a subscription agreement.

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